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Wednesday's Fab You Bliss Finds: Gowns  June 8, 2011

I am so....soo...soooo in LOVE with Wednesdays! Why? Because I get to share some gorgeous finds with you and it makes me feel as if I am your personal shopper...which I love. And as I've said a ga-zillion times before, I wish I could get married again, (to the same guy of course), so I could buy some of the things I post here every Wednesday without seeming like a lunatic ;-)

But seriously...if I can help just one of you out with something you see here, that would make it all worth while. So please feel free to share with me via a comment or email if there is anything you would like to see in the coming weeks.

Anyhow...this dress below is a custom couture satin gown with an organza overlay which I found on Etsy made by Young Fairy Tale Wedding. And I am in love with it's simplicity. What's even better...it's very reasonably priced! All dresses are made to order by the shop so please visit their page to obtain more information, pricing and ordering instructions.

Photography courtesy of GEOFFWHITE PHOTOGRAPHERS, Voted Best of Weddings 2010 by the Knot Magazine! Please visit their website at http://www.geoffwhite.com.
These next two dresses are absolutely lovely as well. Both are from Love June Boutique and each have a different, yet distinct look. This first one is a GEORGIA hand draped silk chiffon gown with accented waist.
I must mention that Sara Miller, owner and designer extraordinaire of Love June is booked up for orders before she takes her maternity leave in a few weeks so if you want something right away, unfortunately it won't be possible.
But...they will be taking orders for when Sara returns!

I am absolutely in love with the neckline of the one below and if I could pull off the color, I would order it in a heart beat. Actually...I think I could probably get it in another color. It is a RISA charmeuse flutter sleeve cocktail dress with accented waistline.

Have a Fab You Bliss Wednesday!




Weak Coffee & Wednesday's Fab You Bliss Finds: June 1, 2011

My coffee tastes watered down this morning...yuck :-( We bought a Keurig machine about a month or so ago and after using all the individual packets that came with it we are now using the filter where you add your own grounds. The problem is, no matter how many grounds you pack into the filter, and believe me I've packed a lot in there, the coffee is never quite as strong tasting as I'd like it. Does anyone else have this problem? If there's a solution, I would really like to know. Because I REALLY like my coffee strong.

Anyhow...I mentioned that Wednesday's Fab You Bliss Finds would not all be about weddings. And since I'm neck deep in thoughts about our remodel and wall color for the kitchen is swirling through my brain...today's post is all about beautiful pieces I found with color combinations that kept catching my eye.

Oh this lovely green is simply scrumptious! And okay, maybe some of these pieces could be used for weddings. Take the dress for instance, a 60s pastel green embroidered net lace dress by LaMeow Vintage. I would love this dress for any special occasion and it would be stunning as a bridesmaids dress. This one you could surely wear again. And the vintage tag by Numbers 14, how cute would it be to use them as escort tags?

Top left: Shaka Studios Handmade Chest of Drawers Nightstand; Top right: LaMeow Vintage 60s pastel green embroidered net lace dress; Bottom left: Numbers 14 vintage green/sage bird on a branch 5 TAGS-distressed effect, ivory satin ribbon; and finally Bottom right: Remixed Vintage CALM WATERS: Remixed Vintage Train Case.

This blue...oh this blue-grey is going to be so perfect for my office and the browns and tans will blend beautifully as accents. Okay, I'm feeling better about wall color selections...now to these gorgeous pieces. Isn't this cover by Bayou Salvage so darling? They call it a jacket because it only ties at the top. I want one...it's perfect for a summer cover-up!

From top left: gray gardens sweet ruffle jacket from Bayou Salvage. Top right: Butterfly Pillow by Giardino Bottom left: Pair of Teacups from DarshanPottery 3" tall, 3 1/2" wide. Holds 10 oz. Bottom right: Flower Power necklace by KapKaDesigns. All pieces were found at Etsy.

So what do you think of today's finds?

Now...I'm off to see if I can somehow get some stronger coffee. Enjoy your Wednesday!



Wednesday's Fab You Bliss Finds! May 25, 2011

Each Wednesday I compile some of my favorite items I've come across in my journey through the "Inter-Webs" and I post them here to share with you.  In a way this is my "Oprah's Favorite Things" corner...so to speak.  And let me just mention, it won't always be wedding stuff so please come back and visit often as you never know what you might find.  For example maybe one day I'll post a vintage gas pump and a Swarovski crystal necklace the next.  Yes I know, seriously random...but I'm just trying to keep you on your toes!  Love it, hate it or absolutely need to have it...that's for you to decide and comment on.  So enjoy!

Okie-dokie then, so...I am utterly over-the-moon obsessed with jewelry, not unlike many women out there...maybe even you.  So I'm sure you will fully understand the giddy feeling I get when I spot something I absolutely love.  I've experienced this feeling quite a lot as my husband will tell you. But luckily his mother purchased me the largest jewelery chest known to mankind...so I know she's got my back and there's plenty of room to add and add and add. 

Anyhoo...when I spotted the gorgeous necklace and earrings below from White Owl Lace and Reclaimed Treasures on Etsy, I went absolutely speechless.  I love, love, love them and the many additional pieces they have at their site.  The necklace is an elegant mix of Japanese vintage blue-grey pearls and reclaimed silver, gold and pewter chains tied with a rich and romantic brown tulle bow which complements the amber colored satin ribbon ties.  And the earrings are strikingly ornate lace arrowheads which fade from ivory to grey-olive that are accented by a duo of antiqued copper beads.  Have I mentioned how much I am in love with them?

The next find drew me in because of the owners' story. Bragging Bags is a shop run on Etsy by a husband/wife team Kyle and Morgann.  Kyle served in the military in Iraq and Morgann is pregnant with their second child and in the spirit of the American dream, they run this very successful home based business and are making it work.  I love that!  They offer an array of eclectic collections including woodland, rustic, western, elegance, personalized, DIY, barn CHIC, beach cottage, vintage bride, and more..everything fabulous & unique for your upcoming wedding.  You can also find their items on their blog http://morgannhilldesigns.blogspot.com/

Credits: Top two images are from White Owl Lace and Reclaimed Treasures.  Bottom two images are from Bragging Bags.  Both shops can be found on Etsy.

Have a Fab You Bliss Wednesday!


Fab You Bliss Finds! Gorgeous Tiaras from Twigs & Honey

Today's Fab You Bliss Things go out to these gorgeous tiaras from Twigs & Honey.  I wanted to do a post on tiaras as a shout out to my good friend Jessica Frey who absolutely loves tiaras and I think she would swoon over these.  And when I say she loves them, that is an understatement given her recent birthday party invitation suggested wearing a tiara to the party was greatly encouraged :-)  And at WPPI in Las Vegas this past February when we saw several people walking around the convention center wearing cute tiaras used for photography props, we went on a mission to find were to get them.  I love this obsession!  So here you are Jess, what do you think?

Although these are not your typical tiaras...I think they are so spectacular they deserve a place in our Fab You Bliss Things.  Princess Catherine move over!

Have a Fab You Bliss Friday!

Photography by Elizabeth Messina

To purchase either of these items or view more beautiful pieces, please visit Twigs & Honey or find them on Etsy


Thursday Love...Pretty Things!

Thursday, May 19, 2011
Today's love goes out to these beautiful wedding dresses which we absolutely fell in love with so we're sharing them with you!

This first dress is a COLLETTE charmeuse halter gown with bow detail and it is a super wearable, super chic gown that will never go out of style. The halter neckline front and back is tied into place with a charmeuse sash. Tie it in a knot for a chic modern look or in a floppy bow for subtle femininity.

Source and to purchase this dress please visit Etsy

This next dress is just as lovely, just in a 60's hippy kind of way. This floor length dress is made from raw silk which has a natural nubby look and is a great ivory color. It is fully lined and has a zipper up the back and elastic at the top and waist to ensure a comfortable fit. There is a flounce on the top that remains un-finished on the edge to keep the relaxed look.

Source and to purchase this dress please visit Etsy


Hot Ideas: Have an All Day "Royal" Wedding

If there's anything we 'commoners' can copy from Kate & William's Royal wedding without completely breaking the bank, I think it would be their timeline.  Why not have a morning wedding followed by a brunch, take a break then start the celebration up again later?  Sounds grand to me...in fact, if I were getting married again that's exactly what I'd do.

The wedding day flies by so fast why not stretch it out as long as you can so you can wear that gorgeous dress longer?  Or better yet...get yourself another dress for the later parties just like Princess Catherine did.

We'd love to hear your ideas...share what you think.
Image courtesy of Arbutus Photography



Hot Ideas: Quilted Cakes

I've never been much of a sweet tooth person.  Even at my own wedding I didn't really care too much about the cake.  In fact...we went the cupcake route, which my husband loved because he couldn't choose JUST one flavor.  But I'm really diggin' the look of these quilted cakes, so much so...even though it would be hard to cut into something so pretty, I could even eat some.  I can just tell by the love that was put into such detail that it would taste really good.

What do you think?

Photography by Studio Tran



Hot Ideas: Silver Shoes & Purple Dresses

I'm lovin' the combination of silver and purple.  What do you think?

 Image courtesy of Arbutus Photography



Helpful Tips & Ideas For Wedding Favors

Author: Ideas For Wedding Favors

Image courtesy of Stephanie Saul Photography

Since we were little girls, all of us dream of having a fairy tale wedding. We used to imagine what kind of gown we would want to wear at our wedding, what kind of theme we would want to have and many other things. When the day is actually coming closer, there are so many details to take care of and it could sometimes become rather overwhelming. Choosing where to hold the reception, shopping for the wedding gown, thinking about decorations and arranging food for the guests are just a few of many items that come along with this celebration of love. And of course, all of us want to make our wedding the most memorable wedding for ourselves, families, as well as for the rest of the guests.

Giving out wedding favors as a display of true appreciation is a long standing tradition. Everything that is seen at the wedding: from the reception place to the menu, will be certainly enjoyed on this special day. However, it is the wedding favor that will make the wedding to be remembered for a long time. So picking out the right party favor is extremely important. But with a great number of options out there for these little tokens of love and appreciation, sometimes, it could cost a tremendous amount of time to decide which one to choose.

So, where do we start on deciding which wedding keepsake to choose? Here are some pointers to help us decide the right favors for our guests. By determining the theme and personality of the wedding beforehand, picking the appropriate wedding favors should be as easy as an ABC.

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers! What is something that is most remembered about the wedding besides the brides’ gown and the food? Of course, flower arrangements – since they primarily define the theme of the wedding – Remember that different flowers represent various meanings of love. By choosing something like charming calla lilly bouquet candles, calla lily photo frames or even calla lilly design napkin holders as a favor can accent the symbols of beauty and exquisiteness of the wedding. A traditional yet timeless long stem rose crystal can enhance the elegance and romance of the magnificent wedding. Or if we want to intensify passion and exoticism, orchids gel candles or scented orchid-shape soap will be one of the most appropriate favors to share this special moment of your life.

If we are one of the practical types, we may want to start our wedding favors selection by thinking about practical items such as key chains, coasters, CD cases and many more. One good thing about choosing practical wedding favors is that the guests will be using them often, and thus, our wedding will be remembered every time they use the favors we handed out. But some of us may think that practical items may not be as lovely as other decorative favors. We could, for sure, scratch that idea since there are so many items with sophistication and perfection. Who can deny a cute sandal shaped notepad that can go with a beach theme or even a chic jewelry pouch; not to mention a sweet pair of silver pear shaped salt and pepper shaker that could definitely leave our guests in awe.

But wait. There are more to come. Some of us even want to go beyond the most common favors simply because we want to add more fun and attitude to the splendor of this ceremony. For instance, those who have passion for western theme could choose a shooter charm that enriches a personal touch of entertainment. Or perhaps choosing a unique ethnic theme such as a coaster painted with the word "love" in Chinese or Spanish will make the favors more exclusive and meaningful.

In short, most of us may think that choosing an affordable wedding favor can be time consuming. But it does not have to be that much work once we have some tips on where to start. Always remember that it is the company of friends and family that make a wedding memorable. Rewarding those who come to share your special day with a thoughtful favor gift is a wonderful way to show your appreciation.
Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/gifts-articles/helpful-tips-ideas-for-wedding-favors-1267844.html
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