Purus Wedding Studios

Purus Weddings Studios sets out to do what wedding photography
companies, big or small, should do. I choose not to push album sales,
heckle clients into a bridal session, or make clients feel average.
There are two pillars to a Purus wedding, allowing everything else to
fall into place:

Artisan wedding imagery
Strong client relationships

On its own merit, artisan imagery sets me apart from most. Awarded an
Accolade of Excellence in 2010 from the Wedding and Portrait
Photographers International, every session is shot with the intention
of the photos making the cut for my portfolio. Building on that
success, I aim for amazing photo quality display and I shoot to
provide brides and grooms a unique piece of art that they can cherish
for years. There is no secret formula, no hidden tricks. It's fairly
simple, actually. It's passion. I won't tell you I attended such and
such college for photography, or I attended this conference and took
this course in wedding photography. I went to Southern Methodist
University in Dallas, Texas for Finance and received a "C" in
Introductory Photography.

The strong client relationship pillar develops on its own. All of my
offered packages include an engagement session. Due to the intrinsic
value of weddings, engagement sessions are a key component of building
that relationship between bride, groom, and lens. From the over 125
weddings I have shot since 2009, I realized that the wedding day
photos for clients who chose to have an engagement session were always
better than those who chose not to. Your day only happens once, and I
want to make sure you get the most out of it. I currently accept 25
couples a year, allowing me to focus my personal attention to the day
that marks the beginning of your life together.

I am the writer, editor, and publisher of your story. Purus Wedding
Studios focuses on relationships; focusing on the stories that can
only be written once and recorded for a lifetime. If you'd like to
talk, please do not hesitate to call. If you'd like to type, send me
an email. I love to talk with brides and grooms about my passion and
experience, but most importantly about their special day. My name is
Evan and I want to write your story.

*Full wedding & engagement packages with High Res DVDs start at $2,500.

For more information please visit Purus Wedding Studios website. 


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