Mixing in Some Love at the Old Spaghetti Factory

>> Friday, May 27, 2011

My husband always says he knew he wanted to marry me the minute he first saw me.  I think it was pretty soon there after for me as well as I remember telling my friend how cute I thought he was when we saw him working at Sport Chalet one day.  I know, sounds corny...but I was only 18 years old and he was only 20.  Of course it took us several years and a few speed bumps for us to finally figure everything out.  But for today's featured engagement couple, I am happy to announce they realized their magic much sooner.

Katie and Zack met while working at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Sacramento.  He was a busser and she was a server/cocktail waitress.  Zack remembers seeing Katie at work for the first time and said he was stopped dead in his tracks by the sight of her.  And what does a guy do when he's zapped like that?  Well...do everything he can to attract the girl who's grabbed his attention...of course!

So Zack went about his mission of winning Katie's interest by asking if she needed help at work if she looked busy.  Also he'd bus her tables first so she would be the one getting most of the tables...and of course the tips.  He continued to do little things like these until he finally gathered up the courage to ask her out.  And eventually their friendship blossomed into love. 

Awe...I ADORE that!

These first shots were taken at a place in Sacramento called Paradise Beach, which is located close to Sacramento State (where Katie attended school).  I'm lovin' the misty, almost ethereal look and wow Katie, no wonder Zack did whatever he could to catch your attention...you are a stunner!

The next set of images were captured in Dixon, CA (about 20 min from the first location) where they went to shoot in some almond orchards and open fields.  So much fun!  I love the black and white frame shots below.  They really show their personalities.

Katie & Zack were married on May 20, 2011 at the Vizcaya Pavilion in downtown Sacramento not too far from where they first met and I cannot wait to see their wedding images!

Congratulations you two and thank you Ryan at Ryan Greenleaf Photography for submitting these beautiful images to us.

Photography:  Ryan Greenleaf Photography

Venues:  Paradise Beach & Dixon, CA.
Submitted via Two Bright Lights


erin vancura May 27, 2011 at 7:54 AM  

she is gorgeous. beyond gorgeous. i LOVE THIS SESSION!!!

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