Remodel Tizzy, Dissing Brangelina and Bright Lights

>> Monday, May 30, 2011's a holiday weekend and I'm interchangeably working on blog posts, scouring the 'Inter-Webs' for new ideas and Fab You Bliss finds for y'all...and gathering inspiration for our new kitchen & office remodel, which is scheduled to commence in T-Minus 2.5 weeks...eeek! 

No...I didn't just say eeek because I don't want the remodel to happen.  Heavens no!!!  I've been waiting for this remodel to start since before the world began!  Since before it was cool to say cool, even before that movie came out, you know the one where Brangelina fell in love....while he was married to someone else.  But of course they denied it the whole world only to give an interview about it years later saying that's just how they fell in love.  Dumb liars!  Oh, was that my out loud voice? 

Okay, okay...that should be water under the bridge by now, but my memory is long and I still don't forgive them for that...we're not stupid, ya know. I've hopefully well established the wait for my new kitchen and office has been a long time in coming.  But I'm freaking out a little because there are so many decisions that come with the many choices from paint to counter tops to sink and faucet styles to the office flooring and the wall color I will want to look at, (or not look at), day in and day out.  It's a lot of pressure to make these decisions as some of them are permanent...well, permanent as the life of a kitchen or office goes. 

You know what I'm talking about right?

In a way...I think the design process of a home remodel and the design process of a wedding are very a teeth pulling, ranting and raving, hair falling out torturous kind of way ;-) 

But seriously...both convey style, both involve budgets and above all else...both are a reflection of ones personality.  Take the detail images shown below from Stacy Haldeman & Marco Figueira's Real Wedding submitted by Katie's Lens Photography via Two Bright Lights.  Isn't the lighting just Divine?  I love the way the way the pink, purple and gold lights play off all the detail pieces from the frame to the flower arrangements to the snowflake hanging off the edge of the Chiavari chair.  It's definitely bright and showy, but it's a statement and I can see a lot of love went into designing just how everything here would look and definitely paid off.

Caterer:  Feastivities

Floral Designer:  Offshoots Decor

Reception Venue:  Archmere Academy

Cinema and Video:  Kenneth Stillman Video

Band:  City Rhythm Orchestra - Email

Lighting:  BEW Productions

Makeup Artist:  Email Makeup by Ren

Jewelry:  Etsy

Submission via:  Two Bright Lights

Now...back to thinking about wall color.  Any ideas for the kitchen color with cream colored cabinets?  I'll take any suggestions.

Have a Fab You Bliss Memorial Day y'all


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