Educating Brides + A "Fierce" Engagement Session in Downtown Phoenix

>> Friday, June 10, 2011

Yesterday, fellow blogger Bow Ties & Bliss posted a wonderful blog geared towards educating couples on the importance of hiring a videographer and why hiring one shouldn't be considered a luxury as it often is.  Please click here to read the blog Thursday Tips: Make Room in Your Budget For...A Vidographer.

Anyhow, after reading that blog I got to thinking about educating couples on "All Things" wedding related and how if I can help just one couple I will feel as if my job was done.  Well...maybe not completely done because I would still want to help more, but you know what I mean, right? 

Those of us who are married, who have planned a wedding, have our own wisdom through experience to impart.  Even better, those of us who work in the wedding industry have that extra knowledge to share because we live it everyday.  So brides and grooms out there reading attention, this is valuable information...a "Goldmine" so to speak and we truly want to help you!    

I cannot tell you how many times after reading my photography prices I've heard a bride say, "Oh...I was looking for something a little cheaper".  Then she usually follows up by saying, "Can you cut me a deal?"  I won't say too much more about that, but all you photographers out there know exactly what I'm talking about because this is common place in our line of work.  I'm not sure where the idea of trying to bargain with photographers came from, I wouldn't say to your dentist, "Yeah, that root canal seems a little expensive, what do you think about coming down in price?"

Okay, soap box I said, I won't go further into that because I could probably go on and on for days.  But what I will say to couples who are looking to hire a wedding photographer is, forget about the lists you find on popular wedding sites or in magazines that tell you what to ask a photographer before you hire them and instead educate yourself on what YOU like in images.  This is your wedding after all and in the end your images are what you will have left to remember this one special day.  That's pretty darn important if you ask me! 

So when you find a photographer who's work speaks to you, follow your instincts and do whatever you can to work them into your budget.  I got married before I became a wedding photographer yet I reserved half of my budget for my photographer.  Why?  Because what good is it to have a gorgeous site if in the end your photographs aren't really what you wanted.

Anyhooodle...long story short, if I was getting married again...Session Nine Photographers who submitted Anna & Zack's Downtown Phoenix Arizona engagement session below would be at the top of my list for photographers.  I'm not sure what it is but their work just intrigues me. 

With Anna & Zack as subjects though...I doubt these two could take a bad picture.  I am so lovin' the fierce looks Anna brings...can anyone say GORGEOUS?  

Here are some words from the photographer:

Anna and Zack's relationship is exactly what we are all looking for.  Passion, friendship, energy, love. They embody what true love is and what it means to truly have a solid friendship as a foundation. Set in Downtown Phoenix, our engagement shoot with them was SUCH a good time, and it left us excited for their upcoming wedding! They are having a fabulous wedding in glitzy Scottsdale, Arizona in the backyard of an 8,000 sq ft home come this May!      

Not sure about you, but I CANNOT wait to see their wedding images!                      

Venue:  Downtown Phoenix, AZ

Submission via Two Bright Lights

Have a Fab You Bliss Friday and weekend!




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