A SPECIAL Better Late Than Never Shoot + Dun, Dun, Dun...You Guessed it, The Ridiculousness that is...The Bachelorette

>> Tuesday, June 28, 2011

OH Boy...last night's Bachelorette...CRAAAAAZY!!!  I'll get to that in a minute though.

First I want to share this Fab You Bliss after wedding shoot with you.  And I must say I LOVE...LOVE...LOVE the story behind it.  Lisha and Matt were married a few years ago but they couldn't afford a wedding photographer at the time so unfortunately they went without.  Fast forward a few years later and enter photographer extraordinaire Diana Camacho with Simply D. Photography who together with Lisha cooked up this stylized "Day After", or in this case..."Years After" shoot, to make up for the wedding images they didn't have.  I think this is a marvelous idea!  And I adore the images they captured.

Both Lisha's dress and Matt's trousers, shirt, tie and suspenders are what they wore on their wedding day and Lisha actually asked Matt to grow his hair so it would be the same length as it was when they married.  So cute!  Lisha's gorgeous strapless lace gown from Bella Rose Bridal in Oklahoma City looks stunning and perfect for this lovely field setting in Wake Forest, North Carolina with the vintage look they created. 

I say great job guys, these images are absolutely lovely and I just know you'll treasure them always.

Photography by Simply D. Photography;  Venue:  Wake Forest, North Carolina;  Dress:  Bella Rose Bridal, Oklahoma City:  Submission via Two Bright Lights

Now...if you're anything like me you probably spent a good part of yesterday anticipating a really juicy episode of last night's Bachelorette.  I mean...the popcorn was made and Beef Cake and I cozied up in our construction induced make-shift living room with great hopes for some real-life...wink, wink...entertainment.  Yet again, if you're like me, you were most likely let down after all the Bentley hype and fizzle of a show.  So let's talk about the stupidity of what was.  I swear this morning I woke up with a splitting headache and not because of anything I drank, rather my head hurts because I shook it so many times in disbelief of what I was seeing.  I also covered my eyes and curled my knees into my chest in complete embarrassment for Ashley as I cannot believe ANYONE would be so stupid as to actually beg the producers of the show to fly a jacka$$ like Bentley half way around the world for him to give her a period instead of a dot, dot, dot.  Absolutely ridiculous I tell ya.  I mean...shouldn't the fact that he left the show in the first place give you the closure you should have taken weeks ago?  DUHHHHHH!!!!  Oh, she makes me so embarrassed to be a woman!

So now...Bentley is gone and like I said last week, I predict the show will sink into the nothingness it is without his Super-Ratings-Dude antics. I think they're tyring to make Ryan take his place as someone who will draw viewers in with controversy, but we all know there's absolutely nothing juicy about the show now.  And as Ashley continues her McDonald's-like interview process with the remaining men now that Mickey walked out and Blake was sent home, I predict the winner will be Ben and he and Ashley will live happily ever after within the couple of months of most Bachelor and Bachelorette's happily-ever-afters.  The End!

If you are as disappointed with the show as I am, please share your thoughts.  And what do you think of Lisha and Matt's after wedding stylized shoot?

Have a Fab You Bliss Tuesday!



Spun Sugar Suite June 28, 2011 at 11:37 AM  

What a beautiful shoot, and I love that this awesome couple had the chance to create such wonderful memories! I love these :)

Melina June 28, 2011 at 6:16 PM  

I love the lighting of these photos! I haven't seen the Bachelorette this week so I had to skip your comments for fear that I'd see who went home! I am so glad I'm not the only one addicted to that show!

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