Puffy White Clouds + A Lighthouse Wedding

>> Monday, June 6, 2011

My sister and I used to live at Lake Tahoe, CA.  She still lives there, only now with her husband.  But back when I was there it was just us two and a bunch of our friends having fun and enjoying the outdoors on a daily basis in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.  I love winter, skiing and snowboarding are always so much fun.  But I have to admit, being the lover of warmth that I am, that summer in the mountains was and is my favorite season.  Anyhow, one summer day my sister and I went to the East Shore of the lake to spend the day in the sun.  The East Shore is the warmest side given the sun hits there for most of the day so the beaches become quite crowded.  Bookending the beaches there are stretches of huge rocks where not many people want to venture because lying down on rocks isn't the most comfortable...wouldn't you agree?  We were always okay with those rocks though, where it was just us two enjoying the beautiful day and no one else was around. 

Anyhoodle...on the particular day I mentioned I remember sitting on those rocks looking up at the sky filled with gorgeous, puffy white clouds like the ones pictured in the wedding featured below photographed by Paul Retherford Wedding Photography in June of 2010. 

Now...at this point you may be asking yourself why I am telling you this story and what in the world it has to do with a wedding.  Well, you see...as a photographer myself, I enjoy images that evoke emotion, whatever that emotion may be.  And these images took me back to that day on the East Shore of Lake Tahoe with my sister sitting on those rocks while watching the puffy white clouds float by. 

Of course there is more to Kaelie & Christopher's Lake Huron wedding than just puffy white clouds.  Look at the fantastic lighthouse for instance.  And that gorgeous wooden boat, that nostalgic, old station wagon and the most adorable beach themed cake.  This wedding has the perfect mix of simplicity and fun!  And how wonderful for them to end the day on a private beach with some celebratory cocktails.

Thank you for Paul Retherford Wedding Photography for submitting this wedding and to Kaelie & Christopher for sharing your beautiful day with us.  Also...happy almost anniversary!

Cake Designer:  Miller Street Bakery

Submission via Two Bright Lights

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