A DC Anniversary Shoot + Why Can't Beef Cake Put ANYTHING away?

>> Thursday, June 30, 2011

If there is anyone out there who has a remedy for Untidy Husband Syndrome (coined UHS for short), PLEASE...I beg of you...send me the recipe.  I'll get back to this in a minute though.

First, let's chat about this lovely anniversary shoot in Washington DC.  Ileana and Jon had plans to celebrate their 5 year anniversary in our nations capital so they contacted Janice Cui at Janice C Photography to photograph this special occasion.  What a great idea!  And I think it's even more special since they shot at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial where Jon proposed to Ileana years ago.  Oh how I would love to do something like this!  BC and I haven't had photographs taken of us together since our wedding and I think it's about time to update.  And the idea of going to the place where you got engaged to take anniversary portraits, brilliant I tell ya.  That means I need to start planning a trip to Paris!  Ahhh...I knew I could get us back there someday :-)

Anyhow, Happy Anniversary Illeana and Jon and thank you Janice C Photography for sharing these beautiful and special images with us.

Photography by Janice C Photography:  Venue:  Thomas Jefferson Memorial and the Mandarin Hotel:  Submission via Two Bright Lights 

Okay...now to my issue with Beef CakeBC and I are quite possibly two of THE most compatible people...except for when it comes to keeping the house clean.  I suspect this is a common problem among married and co-habitating couples, but you'd think after all my nagging and complaining and asking him to pick up after himself that maybe...just MAYBE...he might consider actually doing it.  I mean, it's not like I'm asking him to put on a blue dress with a white apron and scourer the house from ceiling to floor.  Although that would be pretty funny to see.  No...I'm simply asking for him to put away what he takes out.  Put away the ice chest when you remove it from your truck...put away the camp chairs when you take them out of the garage...put away the tools and fishing stuff you take out to fiddle with...and most importantly...put away ANYTHING you leave on the kitchen counter.  Pretty simple, right?  But no...that is too much to ask.  And now with a brand new kitchen on the way, I fear this battle is about to get SUPER-SIZED.

Like most couples, we each have our little quirks that drive the other nuts...I get that. I know I'm not perfect.  And even though there are no books or magazines or blogs or learning centers to give engaged couples or newlyweds a glimpse at what it is REALLY like to live with another person, no light hearted place to tell you, "Hey...how about sticking your toe in this scalding hot water".  No heads-up when it comes to the things your partner does that WILL drive you insane.  Nope...people may give you warnings, but ultimately...you have to figure it all out yourself.  And it's all about compromise on both parts.

Like I said, I get that there are things I do that probably drive him nuts too.  Case in point...I'm pretty happy that even after all these years of looking at me in the morning BC still wants to go to sleep with me at night.  That's a definite plus! 

But what I would give to find a solution to this constant untidiness.  Like I said, any ideas are more than welcome!

Have a Fab You Bliss Thursday!




Spun Sugar Suite June 30, 2011 at 11:32 AM  

What a sweet shoot, the kiss in the elevator is my favorite!

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